Dyeing with Daffodil

daffodil dye garden process

daffodil blooms

We had lovely cut bouquets of daffodils on the table for Easter this year. As much as I loved them on the table, I was happy when they (as well as the rest outside) began to go by so I could give them a chance to be beautiful in another way.


I filled my dye pot about 3/4 full with water and plucked all the flower heads into the pot. (this is the extent of my measuring) I heated the bath to a simmer and let it simmer/steam for a couple hours and then turned off the heat and let the flowers sit until the next day when I scooped them out and squeezed out the excess. i figured there would be some good dye that would squeeze out, but I have no idea really. I can tell you that the entire process didn't smell particularly nice, and the flowers were super slimey and gross to touch when taking them out!

Then I added my already scoured and mordanted yarn to the pot, reheated, simmered, cooled overnight, and.......





Voila! The color is simply a beautiful, crisp, clean, perfect yellow!


Now daffodils aren't available all the time, so I'll need to wait until next year to repeat this one, but you can bet I'll be adding more bulbs to the garden this fall!

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