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About Cup of Tea

Hi I'm Erin, the owner/ dyer behind Cup of Tea Yarn. I dye yarn using all natural materials: plants, food scraps (avocado skins and many more) and even bugs! Many of them are foraged in my yard and garden in the northern woods of Connecticut. Other dye stuff is saved from my kitchen. Through my research on dye plants, I have found many plants that are not native to where I live, and those I do purchase in extract form. Because I find it so fascinating what colors can be extracted from what plants, I will always list the ingredients used to color each skein!

The nature of natural dyeing is rather unpredictable. Avocados I made guacamole with one week may have come from a different country than the ones I make guacamole with next week, so the color yielded from the dye pot will be very different. Just like growing conditions will vary from year to year and location to location. The acorns I collected last fall will likely yield a slightly different color next year. And the flowers I pick from my moms garden (thanks mom) will also yield a different color than the flowers from mine. I love the mystery of it: the not knowing what color may come out of the pot! Because of these beautiful surprises,  all the yarns listed here are already made and ready to ship. They may or may not be able to be recreated, so if you see a color you love, snatch it up! Acorns fall but once a year :) That said, other things are more readily available and predictable: tea for example. So if you have a wish or idea, I would love to hear it!


I hope you enjoy crafting with these beautiful colors as much as I enjoyed making them. I would love to see your projects! tag me @cupofteayarn on instagram!